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The Orchards of Wu-Jing Ming

  • Grows: loquat, sugar apple, banana, watermelon, passionfruit, lemons, turmeric, ginger

  • 8 years of failure before consistently successful harvest

  • Focus on soil quality, today it has naturally achieved a pH value of 7.2 – the optimal range for growing sugar apple

  • Maintains a living ecosystem in his orchard

  • Higher yield than conventional farms 


The Mountain of Lai Jintian

  • Grows: 12 types of citrus, 2 types of banana, 2 types of dragonfruit, 4 types of persimmons, guava and other wild, naturally grown fruits

  • Has planted more than 10,000 native trees over the last decade as part of a environmental rehabilitation program on his land

  • Zhuhu Mountain Residence can be enjoyed as a tranquil mountain retreat for small groups

  • A true private natural conservation zone

Sanxing Scallion_190419_0002_edited.jpg

Shanxing Scallion of Mr Shen

  • Grows: Shanxing Scallion, a premium type of scallion unique to Shanxing province in Taiwan

  • From policeman to an organic farming pioneer. Determination & perseverance allows him to grow this special scallion organically where most others fail

Rice Farmer.JPG
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Organic Rice of Yilan

  • Grows: brown rice & white rice

  • Harvest once per year, land rests for 8 months

  • Base ingredient for Grandpa Rice range of organic, gluten-free pastas, cereals and brown rice snacks


Lee's Sweet Shrimp

  • Grows: farmed shrimp

  • On the edge of the Pacific Ocean in Hualien

  • Two generation shrimp farmers running one of the world’s foremost sustainable aquaculture operations

  • 100% natural farming method, no use of any disinfectants, antibacterial agents, algaecides, feed additives, hormones etc.

  • Simple yet highly advanced setup

  • Golden rule: treat the shrimp the way you want to be treated


In partnership with the largest social enterprise for organic agriculture in Taiwan, Lyfegreen is proud to source from and support a selection of carefully curated farmers that represent the best of organic and sustainable farming practises. Below are the fascinating stories of a few of them. Make sure to check our Facebook & Instagram regularly for more profiles and interviews with these amazing people. 

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