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Meet the Farmer Series 2 - The Mountain of Lai Jintian

Updated: Jun 5, 2019

(Mandarin version at bottom)

Located on the Changbin Township Hill in Taidong, not far from the Eleventh line, there is a large area of woods in the mountains, which is located in a quiet and isolated residential "Zhuhu Mountain Residence". In fact, it is not right to say that Zhuhu Mountain Residence is a residential accommodation. The "Zhuhu Mountain Residence" is a residential accommodation, a large friendly farm, and more importantly, a whole natural ecological forest area.

Lai Jintian, the owner of Zhuhu Mountain Residence, returned home to the Zhuhu Mountain Area of Binxiang, Taidong County, in 1986. At first, he simply wanted to accompany his mother to take over farming at home. Originally, he was used to farming. Because he contacted the ecological teacher of the East Coast Landscape Management Department, he began to contact the ecology and serve as an ecological commentator in the area. He also began to pay attention to the natural ecology and decided to use the natural farming method to manage orchards.

Typhoon Tim hit Changbin Township in 1994, and almost all the plants and living space in Zhuhu Mountains were destroyed. However, the crisis is a turning point. Lai Jintian takes this opportunity to rethink the relationship between land, man and nature. Lai Dage re-planned Zhuhu Mountain Residence as a "mixed orchard", mixing the tree species originally on the mountain with different types of fruit trees in the Zhuhu Park. In this way, Lai hopes to restore the diversity of mountain forests. Over the past 20 years, Lai Dage has planted nearly 10,000 native tree species suitable for Changbin climate in two-thirds of the land, which is oriented to the symbiosis and prosperity of ecology and environment.

Nowadays, Lai Dage still insists on the cultivation method of friendly environment and creates an ecological farm in Zhuhu Mountain Residence, which is symbiotic and prosperous with the environment. All the way from the eleventh line to the mountain, the left and right sides are like forest environment, full of diverse forests and ecology. Entering "Zhuhu Mountain Residence" can find primitive tranquility and pure natural food. This fruit tree does not spray medicine, artificial weeding, God's irrigation, wait for natural ripening, so that the fruit emits a natural rich aroma.







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