Farm to Door within 48 hours


For every week's delivery, the cut-off time for orders is Tuesday 6pm


Your organic selection is picked and packaged on Wednesday afternoon

Flight & Storage

On Thursday, your organic veggie box takes the short flight to HK and stays overnight in cool comfort with Yamato Logistics


By Friday morning, afternoon or evening, you will be enjoying the delicious taste of your organic selection

Delivery Area

All except some outlying islands

  • Hong Kong Island - all areas

  • Kowloon - all areas

  • New Territories - all areas except Lo Wu, Mai Po, Man Kam To and Ta Kwu Ling

  • Lantau and Outlying Islands - all areas except Cheung Chau, Crooked Island (Kat O), Po Toi, Tai O, Tung LUng, Chau and Tung Ping Chau

Delivery Schedule

Every Friday

9am - 1pm

1pm - 6pm

6pm - 8pm 

Delivery on Saturday is also possible, please make a note when you order. 

At the moment, Lyfegreen delivers your organic selection box once a week every Friday.

The reason for this is our partner farms harvest every Wednesday and we collect from them immediately so the produce can arrive on your table fresh and in peak condition.


The problem with overseas produce is that they are often picked before they fully ripen to offset the long distance they must travel. By the time they reach supermarket shelves after many miles traveled on an airplane or in storage, their physical integrity, nutrition and flavor has naturally suffered since they were plucked too early as well as handled and repackaged multiple times. 

Luckily, Taiwan is extremely close to HK and we have streamlined the harvest and logistics process to ensure that you receive your fruit and veggies when they are the most tasty and fresh. We do all our testing and quality control on site at the farms and our collection point in Taiwan. The produce is not handled again before it reaches you to minimise potential damage and external contaminants. 

Delivery Terms & Conditions


  • Deliveries are handled by our logistics partner Yamato Logistics (HK) using their industry leading cold-chain delivery service - Cool Ta-Q-Bin. Your organic selection box will always be maintained in a temperature controlled chilled state (~5℃) throughout storage and delivery process. 

  • If you have a last minute emergency while delivery date and time were confirmed, you can contact the Customer Service Center of Yamato Logistics to arrange a new delivery time at (+852) 2829 2222.

  • SMS notifications are sent to the receiver upon delivery failure. This will enable for an easier arrangement of re-delivery.  If the initial delivery is unsuccessful, Yamato Logistics will deliver again later in the day during the next timeslot. Otherwise it will be delivered again the following day up to 3 times. Please make sure that someone is there to receive the order.

  • In case of second or third delivery arrangements, we cannot guarantee the freshness of our product and we ask for your understanding. 

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