Perfect for those who want to try cooking more at home or want to incorporate more organic vegetables ito their current eating plan. Selecting from a seasonal range of vegetables that is ripening and will approach peak tastiness in the coming week, we will provide you with some old favourites while introducing you to a few new surprises! 


Contains up to 6 varieties of veggies:

- 3 leafy greens (can be reduced, please put in comments if you prefer less leafy greens)

- 3 stems/melons/roots/mushrooms

Box net weight: ~2.5kg (+/- 15%)

Please browse our products page for an understanding of what is in season now and what may potentially be included in your box. We will also update our Facebook page every weekend with a sample menu of vegetables for the upcoming week so keep an eye out for that!


We will try our best to provide you with 6 different varieties but actual number of unique products may be less based on what is most fresh at the time of harvest as quality is our number 1 priority! Please see our FAQ for explanation. Thank you for your understanding!

Small Veggie Box